Qingdao Easthony Inc delivered melamine in cooperation with China Railway Corporation

Date : July. 07 2021|Announcer : hy_manager

Qingdao Easthony Inc cooperated with China Railway Corporation and delivered melamine by railway, together with Qingdao Eastchem Inc and Qingdao Easthony Chmemical Company Limited. The first 20 wagons, 1000 tons of goods have arrived at the company’s warehouse, which will be shipped to Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, India and other countries by sea.

Due to high sea freight caused by COVID-19, Qingdao Easthony Chmemical Company Limited designed a new melamine package, in 11000 KGS BAG for European customers. Thus, customers can save shipping costs by more than 10% in this way, which won the customer’s high praise.