China PVA Price Trend February 2024

Date : March. 03 2024|Announcer : admin

pva price trend

In February, the prices of polyvinyl alcohol in China rose, and the atmosphere of spot negotiations was general. Many users had stocked up earlier, and during the Spring Festival holiday, small order users mostly entered the holiday period. Most businesses are light position wait and see and negotiating new deals more cautiously.

From the holiday to after the festival, major manufacturers have raised their offers, focusing on executing orders. Limited spot volume and some even having no spot supply at all. It is difficult to find new deals at low prices in the market.

The market inquiry atmosphere is weak, little interest in stocking up at high prices. The market is cautious and watching closely how manufacturers’ sales strategies will impact market prices.

Remark: The analysis is based on transaction in China’s domestic market, it’s only for reference.
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