China PVA Price Trend April 2024

Date : May. 05 2024|Announcer : admin
China PVA price trend

In April, the Chinese polyvinyl alcohol market remained at a high level. The price of co-production raw material vinyl acetate fell to near cost, weakening the cost support for PVA. End demand was weak, with small customers lacking order support, and market inquiries were not very active.

In mid-April, some manufacturers began to reduce production to maintain prices, mainly to execute orders. Some manufacturers had almost no inventory, while others were slowly building up inventory.

Some middlemen had limited inventory and were stocking up. Purchases were cautious, and the market negotiation atmosphere was not lively. In the latter half of the month, manufacturers’ operating rates were low, and the supply-demand game continued, industry wait-and-see. 

Remark: The analysis is based on transaction in China’s PVA domestic market, it’s only for reference.
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