China PVA Market Overview in July

Date : August. 08 2022|Announcer : admin

In July, negotiation atmosphere is not good for China’s polyvinyl alcohol market. End users’ demand is weak, market inquiry atmosphere is not good, main manufacturers reduce the price in the first period of July, the market gravity is weak. The price of co-production raw material vinyl acetate continues to fall, causing polyvinyl alcohol price lacks support. Under the mentality of fear of decline, purchasing industry are cautious in making enquiries.

Manufacturers achieve orders, with slow inventory accumulation. Some  inventory pressure intense , manufacturers stable mentality dominate, center of gravity is still high. Mid to end of July traders fear drop price and ship positively. Heard of market with low price, users no more in stock, could fall concerns about slowing pace of purchasing more, some small single purchase just need to maintain, discuss the overall atmosphere.