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Customization–Granular Clay

Date : September. 09 2020|Announcer : hy_manager

The client is a small-scale waste lubricant customer in Southeast Asia. Before 2018, the client used Granular Clay of other brands, but the color of the oil was not bright enough, and the desired effect was never achieved.

In order to solve this problem, in March 2018, customers searched for new excellent suppliers through online platforms such as Google and Alibaba. However, in the face of Chinese suppliers, each supplier has many different models, and customers have no way to start.

Our company Miss Echo Zhou learned in detail about the current oil problems with customers, and at the same time understood the customer’s operating pressure and process flow. Combined with our years of sales experience in Southeast Asia, we recommended Eastchem 4012 and Eastchem 6012 to customers. .

After testing the samples, the customer was pleasantly surprised to find that both 4012 and 6012 achieved the ideal decolorization effect.

We recommend 4012 products with higher cost performance to our customers. After the customer received the goods, they achieved satisfactory results on the production line, and the problems that had been difficult to solve for many years were finally solved.