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Qingdao Easthony Inc is the largest supplier of activated bleaching earth in China.
20+ years experience,
50+ export countris,
150+ customers.

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  • Qingdao Eastchem Inc.Qingdao Eastchem Inc.

    Appearance White Particle Accord
    Nitrogen % ≥ 46.4 46.6
    Biuret % ≤ 0.9 0.8
    Moisture % ≤ 0.5 0.4
    Particle Size(0.85-2.80mm) % ≥ 93 99

    Qingdao Eastchem Inc.

    Medical Applications

    Some dermatological agent containing an urea to improve the skin's moisture. Raise the pH of the surrounding stomach. The same principle can also be tested in live animals similar stomach bacteria.



    Agricultural applications

    Urea is a high concentration of nitrogen, a neutral acting fertilizer, can also be used to produce a variety of complex fertilizers. Residues in the soil without any harmful substances, no adverse effects on long-term application.


    Commercial applications

    Special plastic material, in particular urea  from aldehyde resins


    Laboratory applications

    Urea can be very effective to denature proteins. This feature can improve the solubility of certain proteins. Urea can also be used to manufacture urea nitrate.


    Feed additives

    Human Resources and protein food shortages, but also caused a major problem in the feed industry. East house stomach microbes can utilize urea synthesis required for the growth of its 10 essential amino acids. Since urea and urea compound as a feed additive for ruminants


    The application in cosmetics

    Urea is a good use of moisturizing ingredients, it exists in the stratum corneum of the skin which. For skin, urea and soft skin with moisturizing effect. For facial mask, skin care water, cream, hand cream and other products moisturizing ingredients added.
    Industrial applications Iron and steel, stainless steel chemical polishing have graced effect

    Qingdao Eastchem Inc.

    Packaging:9.9/50/1000kg plastic woven bags or bulk shipment

    Qingdao Eastchem Inc.Qingdao Eastchem Inc.Qingdao Eastchem Inc.Qingdao Eastchem Inc.Qingdao Eastchem Inc.




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